Founded in 1993, Inter Abrasive operated in Çiğli, İzmir between 1996-2009. It established the first sanding line in 1997, and started to produce end products such as disc, endless tape, roll cloth as well as cloth and fiber jumbo rolls coated in this way. INTER ABRASIV, which moved to its new production facility in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 2009, invested in a new coated sanding line and then started its cutting and abrasive stone production activities as of 2020. INTER ABRASIV, which is on the rise in jumbo cloth abrasive production and commercial products, is among the world's leading manufacturers of fiber disc and flap disc sanders. It has had a significant share in the global market with a growth rate of more than ten times in flap disc production. 

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Our Mission

It is to make a profit by adopting the philosophy of Total Management Systems, with an understanding that emphasizes good service, technology and universal thinking, in which employees, customers and suppliers are business partners, to ensure its continuity and to announce our quality, which is identified with the Interflex brand in the abrasive market, to the whole world.


Our Vision

INTERFLEX With its brand, the world's abrasive products 
To be a leading organization that is recognized and sought after all over.

Our Integrated Management Systems Policy: 

Inter Abrasiv A.Ş., in line with its mission and vision, effectively uses our innovative technology, continuous improvement, quality increase and innovation philosophy in all processes and integrated (quality, environment, energy, occupational health and safety) management systems, 


  • Understanding the needs of our customers and meeting their expectations at the desired time and quality,  
  • To ensure the highest level of satisfaction of the relevant parties and all our stakeholders,

  • Prioritizing the safety and performance improvement of our products in their design, production and use,

  • Creating and reviewing targets related to integrated management systems, improving performance and achieving targetsTo ensure the availability of the necessary resources to realize

  • To comply with legal and other requirements regarding Integrated Management systems terms,

  • To ensure voluntary and active participation in the requirements of integrated management systems, occupational health and safety through the consultation and participation of employees. To create a corporate culture where safety is the main priority and to prevent injury and health deterioration
    To create healthy/safe working conditions,

  • To identify management systems risks/opportunities arising from our activities and to minimize the effects of risks,to ensure continuation of opportunities,

  • To prevent waste and pollution by protecting natural resources and to ensure the protection of the environment,

  • Supporting the supply of products and services that increase the efficiency of Integrated Management systems, increasing energy savings to carry out studies that will provide

  • To support design activities that take into account the improvement of energy performance,

  • To increase our competitiveness, to always be a reliable company,


Our Information Security Policy: 

Inter Abrasive Inc.affect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of business continuity and information assets; 

  • To establish, implement, control and continuously improve the information security management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard,
  • To meet the legal requirements and applicable conditions regarding information security,
  • Managing and properly preventing risks to information assets,
  • To manage together with all our employees by increasing information security awareness and corporate competence, 
  • Aiming at the continuity of information security, to fulfill all requirements suitable for these purposes. 


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Inter Abrasiv Social Compliance Policy

At every stage of production and management ''Human First'' We adopt as our basic management understanding to act with the awareness of social responsibility towards our employees, society and the environment in all our activities. We believe that our core value is our human resources in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers by providing high quality products, solutions and services with sustainable growth. We undertake all the items listed below.

Child Labor

For the healthy development of children and within the framework of respect for the right to education, not to employ employees under the age of 18, to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing young workers,


In order to ensure the continuity of the company's ethical criteria, the selection of the personnel in the recruitment process will be considered as a necessary and important criterion, as well as technical and professional knowledge, compliance with the company rules and social compliance requirements of the company, starting from the recruitment phase, the following policies to prevent discrimination and harassment-ill-treatment apply,

Raising Awareness of Employees

Believing that the basis of social compliance is based on conscious employees, increasing the awareness of employees by informing them about their personal rights, company rules and working conditions during the recruitment phase and at certain periods during the employment,

Working hours

To comply with applicable laws and regulations in working hours and overtime due to efficient work and respect for human rights,

Fees and Payments

Based on the minimum wage that employees can meet their living expenses; that there is no wage below the minimum wage, overtime wages should be paid by making additions as stipulated by the law,


On the basis that all employees have equal rights; Discrimination in recruitment, compensation, access to education, promotion, or termination or retirement based on race, social class, religion, national origin, gender or political affiliation,


With the belief that success is through healthy communication, to keep the connections of employees alive among themselves and with managers, to establish good relations between employees and managers, to ensure the continuity of these relations, to support teamwork and cooperation; To carry out practices to encourage hardworking, disciplined, meticulous and patient behavior,

Prevention of Harassment and Maltreatment

To ensure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion in order to ensure the peace of the work environment and the happy work of the employees,

Forced and Compulsory Labor

It is not possible to work in return for obligation or debt by contract and the work is voluntary,

Our Responsibility to Customers

To provide our services on time and under the conditions we promise, with a customer satisfaction-oriented understanding that responds to the needs and demands of our customers in the shortest time and in the most accurate way; Approaching our customers with respect, equality and courtesy,

Bribery and Corruption

Giving, receiving or suggesting bribes and / or commissions cannot be accepted under any circumstances, and they will be treated within the framework of ethical rules,

Supply chain management

Believing that all suppliers have equal responsibility; To evaluate the social compliance activities of supplier companies, to follow the results with action plans, to control the social compliance activities with management systems,

Freedom of Representation

To respect the representation rights of our employees,

Occupational health and Safety

Accepting the human as the most valuable asset in all its activities, creating a safer and healthier working environment and minimizing any loss that may occur, organizing trainings in order to ensure that all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities, equipped with the necessary equipment for Occupational Health and Safety to comply with the local laws, regulations and conditions regarding Occupational Health and Safety, to create a communication environment where all employees can work in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety policy and to raise awareness about the work done on this subject, Identifying the risks related to safety and security hazards and keeping these risks under control by reducing them to acceptable levels,


To increase the occupational health and safety awareness of the employees, to organize trainings inside or outside the company to support their professional and personal development, to ensure the continuous development of the company due to the development of the employees with the trainings organized,


To fulfill the environmental requirements of all our activities at the highest level within the scope of our environmental policy, to direct and raise awareness of our work with an awareness of sensitivity on environmental issues, to reduce environmental impacts, to protect energy and natural resources,